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Transformixer Theme: Deep Acceptance

How To Use This Mixer

There are 4 tracks on this "transformixer". Track 1 is a stereo environmental soundtrack of a rain forest. Track 2 contains a stereo mix of affirmations (you can hear them, they are not subliminal) with 3 affirmation loops, In the right ear you hear "I am" statements, left ear you hear "you are" statements and in the middle you hear "we are" statements. Track 3 is a Tambura drone, very meditative and Track 4 is a relaxing guided meditation.

The controls are very simple. The buttons on the left turn the tracks on and off (larger silver buttons = on, smaller red buttons = off). The silver slider levers on the right of the mixer control the volume of the tracks (all the way up = full volume, all the way down = no volume). The buttons and sliders are all numbered, each corresponding to a single track. The volume slider for track 4 is also the master volume and will control the overall volume of all tracks which can be useful when you get a good mix of your tracks and want to lower the over all volume, slider 4 will do that. If you have any questions you can post them on the Heart IQ Facebook page and I will respond.