Your Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved

The human mind is a wonderful problem solver. It's great at solving everything from the technical problems of living in the world to solving the Sunday crossword puzzle! The mind in fact sees everything in life as a problem to be solved. Unfortunately when we, identified as mind look at our lives as problems, then our lives become huge unresolvable problems.

Don't Solve... Evolve and Resolve!

Fortunately at this point in human evolution we are learning to access the wisdom of the Heart. The view from the Heart is very different than from the mind. In the presence of the Heart, problems created by the mind spontaneously resolve without effort.

How is it Possible to have Two Powerful Retreats Simultaneously?

It's not easy to explain, but here goes: The mind lives in time,
where there is a remembered past and an imagined future but no present. Take a breath! That's right no present, you can keep looking for the present but you'll never find it by looking for it because it doesn't exist in time. So where is it? Short answer,
It's in the Heart and is the Heart.

The closer we get to experiencing the Heart, which is outside of time as we know it, Time seems to speed up or bend allowing amazing accelerations in learning to happen. Oh and by the way did I mention the Bliss!

This is what Heart IQ is all about and at this daylong we'll have a lot of fun looking at our lives from the perspective of the Heart.

About the two retreats:

The Power of Noticing
What You Say Is
What You Get!

At this Heart IQ daylong mini-retreat we'll explore the awesome power of noticing. Noticing is another way of describing what mystics call the natural state, a state of being where we are momentarily no longer trying to do something in order to get something. Essentially we are being with "what is".

When we are able to come into the present moment the mind quiets down, the heart opens and Presence naturally emerges.

Noticing is what I call a restorative practice in that it restores us to our natural state of wholeness, happiness and healthy giving and receiving.

Noticing also is the root of all authentic spiritual practices in that we can do practices such as yoga, inquiry or meditation as a means to avoid unacceptable thoughts and feelings or to achieve some future reward.

Pure noticing is itself the “natural state” we seek.

Affirmations as they are commonly used rarely make much of a difference.

The key to using affirmations in a way that works has more to do with where we're coming from when we compose our affirmations and how receptive we are when speaking or listening to them than the affirmations themselves.

When we compose and speak from a deeper Heart centered space our words carry the power and expansive vibration of the Heart and are therefore much more potent than words that come from a contracted needy part of the Psyche.

Essentially what it takes for affirmations to be effective is a quiet mind and an open heart.

At this Heart IQ gathering you'll learn to use powerful restorative practices and Heart IQ soundtracks that will allow you to gently open your Heart and quiet your mind.



With Heart IQ™ you can:

  • Transform Fear into Power
  • Rejuvenate your spiritual practice
  • Experience yourself as the source of Love and Joy.
  • Access Inspiration and act on your intuitive insights.
  • Discover your gifts and gracefully meet your challenges.
  • Utilize the power of partnership to achieve your Heart based goals.


Manifesting Your Next Step with Heart IQ Accelerated Learning!

Two Daylong
Retreats in One

Retreat #1:

The Power of Noticing

The Heart IQ level one course: The Root of All Restorative Practices

Retreat #2:

What You Say Is
What You Get!

Access Powerful Affirmations and create your own, self-talk CDs & Mp3s



Level 1 Heart IQ
Quiet Mind / Open Heart Soundtracks

Heart IQ Sound Healing Mixer with your personally recorded affirmations

3 month



TBA sometime in June or July


San Francisco

Admission: $100 earlybird special if registered/paid
in advance

Group size:
12 participants
( Pre-registration secures your space)

The total value of the courses, soundtracks and coaching is well over $500 If purchased separately.
Your investment is only $100 if you pre-register.

There are only 12 spaces available and will fill quickly.

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About the facilitator:

Don Drake: Founder of Exploring Spiritual Partnerships and is a respected coach, facilitator, and catalyst for Transformation.

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